A passionate designer of both jewellery and interiors

Colour and design is my world

Whether it’s a contemporary, unique piece of jewellery or the interior design of a house, I see the world in colour, shape and form. I encourage my clients to join me on a design journey, getting to know you and creating unique designs that represent your personality.

My eye is constantly drawn to colour, design and all things arty

I’m one of those lucky people who found her passion as a child and was fortunate enough to build on it. My love for colour, art and design just grew as I progressed through school and university where I put my natural, exceptional visualisation skills to good use!

My creative journey started over 30 years ago

Throughout my creative career, I’ve worked in design across many disciplines including graphic design, kiln formed glass, jewellery creation and interior design.

Starting out as a freelance graphic designer for Vogue magazine, boutique antique jewellers and fashion houses, my creative passion was further stimulated working as a graphic designer at the National Gallery Victoria. From there I developed and ran my own successful marketing and design agency with my husband and staff for 15 years before taking time out to raise my family.

I continued my creative journey training in kiln formed glass and silver-smithing, then working on art glass pieces and commercial glass award trophies before focussing on jewellery design and creation.

My extension into interiors was a natural progression after renovating the three different houses we have lived in plus our business office building.

My interior design work has allowed my creative instincts to shine while also opening my eyes to that fact that I love project management. From the initial consultation and design process, through to sourcing everything and organising trades to complete the job, I thrive on making sure everything goes to plan.

I thank my clients for my jewellery business success

I have a loyal following of clients who have embraced my designs and love the way they look, feel and wear. My jewellery collection has evolved over many years based on their feedback, reviews and requests.

My necklaces come to life as I start to assemble my drawn designs. Each necklace reaches its full creative potential as I add gemstones and bits and pieces I’ve collected over the years. Like a mother with a child, I lovingly name all my necklaces and earrings after I’ve bought them to life.

Here’s a sneak peek into my jewellery world

I invite you to stay in touch

From time to time, I send out personal invitations to exclusive events that showcase my jewellery range with additional limited editions and sale items. I’d love for you to come along and see my jewellery for yourself. Pick it up, try it on, and fall in love.