Small Courtyard Transformation

Unlocking the potential of a small secret courtyard – Parkville

How do you expose a small hidden courtyard and turn it into an invigorating visual extension to the living area? That was the challenge with this small 2 x 2.2 metre contained courtyard that was the utilitarian location for all the essential services – hot water, hydronic heating boiler, air conditioning compressor, plumbing, vents and conduit running all these services into the house. Plus, three of the four walls also had windows views to consider and work around. The challenge was to open the space to view while leaving the services untouched.

External window frames were repaired, external walls repainted and then the frosted glazing replaced with clear double glazing to instantly open up the space, bringing much needed light into the house while keeping the inside quiet.

The introduction of powder coated decorative screens created a green curtain to hide the services while providing an integrated back drop for large textured pots and plants.

The trick was to still enable occasional access to the services, so the screens are made of light-weight aluminium and are removeable! Cleverly hung from overhead timber beams and pinned at the base with stainless steel fittings, the screens can be easily lifted completely out of the way, then repositioned.

The adjacent internal wall was painted green to visually extend and link the outdoor space into the house, making the combined space feel larger and welcoming.

“Chris, I can’t thank you enough for your vision, planning, hard work and understanding.

You managed to schedule all the building works and installation to be completed while I was away, lessening the impact on the household. What an absolute pleasure to arrive home at night to a fully lit stunning finished courtyard garden.

We now have a beautiful elegant space that is a pleasure to admire day and night. It totally enhances our day to day living. The door that was never open is now a delight to have open, letting in a fresh breeze. I’m so glad you encouraged us to pull together a collection of Sandra’s paintings. The way you hung them together as a group on the green wall is gorgeous and very special for us as a family.

Thank you for your creativity. We absolutely love our new space!”

Andrea – Parkville


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We now have a beautiful elegant space that is a pleasure to admire day and night.”

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